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IIS representatives took part in working meeting on e-development in Ivanovo region


On 24 May 2006 Ivanovo held a working meeting that discussed priorities of socio-economic development of the region and possibilities to resolve the key problems by introducing information and communication technologies and innovations. Among those who actively participated in the discussion there were leading representatives of departments of economic development and trade, municipal housing economy, public services and amenities, construction and architecture, agriculture, committees on social protection and culture of the government of Ivanovo region, as well as representatives of education community.

The meeting participants expressed their views on the level of Ivanovo region e-readiness. It was considered rather low due to a number of negative factors, such as unfavorable demographic situation, low level of citizens demands, professionals leakage, undeveloped home market and others. At the same time there are positive factors allowing the region to develop efficiently - highly developed human capital, presence of unique developments and manufactures able to compete on national and even global level.

The meeting participants expressed an opinion that Ivanovo region needs midterm regional comprehensive e-development program that would contribute to increasing production efficiency in promising spheres and improving the quality of life.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Institute of the Information Society – Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board, Tatiana Ershova, General Director, Alexander Yevtiushkin, Head of Directorate for Innovation and Investment Projects, and Olga Reznikova, Deputy General Director.

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