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Strategy for Information Society Development in Russia
IIS representative took part in the event held at the Analytical Center for The Government of the Russian Federation

Experts believe that first, the strategy of the digital economy development need to be defined, and then digital ecosystem should be created and the first pilot projects should be launched. Then it is important to determine the competence and resources to develop data analytics and digital leadership.

"Access to the Internet should be open to all citizens. To do this, you need to develop the infrastructure and to improve digital literacy among the population", - said Vassily Pushkin, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. According to him, it is important to establish data sharing, improve laws and regulations, to determine the relevance in law of digital records and create a digital archive.

Participants noted that it is necessary to form the feedback mechanisms, to develop government services, infrastructure, platforms and ecosystem. It is also necessary to ensure the sustainability of the digital economy in terms of the balance of the normative and legal acts, CPV, economic and social effect.

Recall that currently in the legal practice there is no clear definition of "digital economy". In the draft Strategy for Information Society Development in the Russian Federation for 2017-2030 years, the digital economy is defined as an activity, in which the key factors of the production are data presented in digital form. Analysis of this data allows increasing efficiency, quality and productivity in different types of production in comparison with traditional forms of management.

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