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Strategy for Information Society Development in Russia
IIS representatives participated in the second World Bank International Seminar Building Foundations of the Digital Economy: Lessons from the Global Experience

The event took place on 1st February, 2017 at Moscow Representative Office of the World Bank.

Developing the Digital Economy in Russia is an initiative of the World Bank and Russian partner organizations such as governmental authorities, private sector, civil society and scientific and education community, aimed at establishing multi-stakeholder collaboration to foster Digital Economy development in the country. The main task is to jointly develop recommendations for stakeholders to establish the fundamental bases of development of the digital economy in Russia.

To do this, the World Bank staff, leading international experts and representatives of key partners from the Russian side, formed the Working Group on the Digital Economy development in Russia. As a result of a series of local seminars, international videoconferencing and online consultations, the Working Group will prepare basic guidelines and principles that will promote the achievement of the positive effects of digital transformation, such as sustainable economic growth, the creation of new high-tech jobs, improve the quality of services provided, as well as positioning Russia as the leader of an emerging Digital Economy.

These recommendations will form the basis of the analytical report "Digital Economy: Prospects for Russia", the work on which will be finished by June, 2017 and will be based on the discussions and experiences of the Digital Economy in the UK, the USA, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Estonia, Germany, China, India, Israel and other countries.

The first international seminar with the participation of the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolay Nikiforov and the Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission on the Internal Markets, Informatization and ICT Karine Minasyan was held on 20th December, 2016.

The purpose of the second International Seminar is to identify and prioritize key foundations of the Digital Economy, jointly with international experts from the High-Level Experts, Leaders, and Practitioners (H.E.L.P.) Group and their Russian counterparts, and the degree of their influence on the overall development of the digital economy in different countries.

The following issues were discussed:
  • Why have countries been recently focusing on developing the Digital Economy? What is the #1 objective of the Digital Economy programs?
  • What are the key foundations (digital and analog enablers) for the Digital Economy? How can they be prioritized and sequenced?
  • What are the necessary steps that should be taken by the government and business for the development of skills vital for the Digital Economy?
  • What is the role of cyber security in the digital
  • What are the most disruptive technologies that will fuel the Digital Economy of the future?
  • What are the new policies/regulations that the countries will need to put in place?
  • What are the institutions and the governance structures that the governments need to put in place to take full advantage of the Digital Economy?
  • Which elements of Digital Economy foundations could be best implemented through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)?

Welcoming speeches at the event were delivered by Oleg Petrov, Senior Program Officer, ICT Global Practice, World Bank; Andras Horvai, Director and Permanent Representative of the World Bank in the Russian Federation; Jane Treadwell, former Deputy CEO, CentreLink and CIO, Government of Victoria.

Vladimir Averbah, Director of e-Government Development Department of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation also addressed the participants.

A brief overview of the Russian experts opinions on the development of the Digital Economy in Russia was made by Dr. Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of the Information Society.

Further, the international experts took part in the discussion of the digital economy problems:

  • World Bank Carlo Maria Rossotto, Digital Economy Lead (moderator)
  • India - Ram Sewak Sharma, Chairman, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Gartner Andrea DiMaio, Managing Vice President
  • Australia - Jane Treadwell, former Deputy CEO, CentreLink and CIO, Government of Victoria
  • UK Liam Maxwell, National Technology Adviser
  • Republic of Korea Yonglok Yoon, President, NIPA.

After that there was an open discussion with the participation of Russian experts moderated by Dr. Yuri Hohlov.


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