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Strategy for Information Society Development in Russia
The sixth issue of the Information Society journal in 2016 was published

The article by Nelly Lukina and Natalya Samokhina describes the features of the technological structure of the information society and its understanding within the framework of modern social and philosophical discourse.

The rubric "Social and economic aspects of the information society" is opened with an article by Denis Bryzgalov and Alexander Tsyganov from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation "Control over the execution by insurers of legislative disclosure requirements", which discusses the regulator's goals and requirements for disclosing information about activities in the network by insurance companies. The data for 2007-2008 and 2015 are compared, the data are interpreted, recommendations are formulated to ensure the increased requirements of modern society for information disclosure on the websites of insurance companies. Further in this section there is an article of candidates of philosophical sciences Aleksander Ogorodnikov and Vladimir Churin "Axiological foundations of risks of social participation in the conditions of globalization".

The rubric "Education in the Information Society" is represented by two articles. Olga Kononova, Elena Krutko and Sergey Lyapin from the St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies (ITMO University) introduce readers to the research work on the basis of the services of the EB "Humanitariana". The article by the professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics Sergei Yunov from the Kuban State University defines and identifies the nature of customized fraud. The mechanisms to counteract this negative phenomenon, including educational facilities, are proposed.

Further Candidate of Philosophical Sciences from the Moscow State University Darya Alekseeva discusses the approaches to the justification of intellectual property rights contained in the classical philosophical heritage, which acquire special relevance in connection with the development of modern information technology.  The article of the Graduate Student of Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Marina Sukharkova is devoted to the online activity of volunteers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the social network "VKontakte".

Finally, the results of the international Russian-Mongolian project "Creation of the Baikal Information Center" are presented in the article by Doctors of Geographical Sciences Andrei Beshentsev and Endon Garmayev. The peculiarities and problems of inter-state information exchange between countries in the sphere of natural resources use in the trans-boundary basin of Baikal Lake are revealed.

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